The latest cars are truly Safer

We have finally come to a point where technology can often be smarter than ourselves. Some futurists may have seen this coming, as microprocessors, which lie at the heart of all modern computers and smart phones, have become extremely sophisticated, while shrinking in size. That is one of the reasons why a smart phone today, which is far more powerful and complex than some of the early cell phones, is actually even smaller. Another dramatic example is the fact that all the computing power that was available to NASA to launch the missions to the moon is actually less than what one will find in just one modern smart phone.

That is how far we’ve come in just four decades. It is really up to ones imagination to be able to conjure what the future will look like in just a few decades from now. In the meantime, technology is making our lives safer and better in many different areas. Anyone who has had to visit a modern hospital recently can appreciate all of the electronic devices that help patients survive complex surgeries, and monitor their recovery. Even traffic congestion in urban areas can be alleviated by using sensors to change certain traffic lights from red to green or vice versa as appropriate, in an effort to make traffic flow better.

Car Technology to Make the World a Little Safer

There is no doubt the car manufacturers spend a lot of money on researching and developing new technologies that will make their cars safer and more customer friendly. This is what the buying public demands, and understandably so. So apart from fancy new electronic gadgets inside the car, many new car deals provide not only luxurious and accommodating interiors, but also technologies that cant be seen, but which can provide many subtle yet effective safety measures.

Sometimes, Its What You Don’t See That Counts

There is no doubt that modern cars are often extremely well-designed, and appealing to the eye. Often times, their slippery shape actually increases fuel mileage, by cutting down wind resistance. But there are also other components, hidden away within the engine and transmission, which make the car safer and more reliable. On the one hand, our little friends the microprocessors monitor various parts of the engine as it is functioning, ensuring that the various sequence of events that make an engine efficient are performed with the utmost reliability.

Apart from making engines more efficient and providing better fuel mileage, there are also subtle electronic controls to make them safer. One of them is Electronic Stability Control, known as ESC, which works together with the brakes to keep the car from sliding out of control if at all possible. While only available on a few models just a few decades ago, its importance has been recognized to the point where it will mandatory on all new cars starting next year.

This advanced technology should prove to be of great benefit to drivers in the UK, who often have to deal with inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. ESC on all cars should reduce the number of accidents due to a car spinning out of control.

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