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Replacing the serpentine belt of a jeep wrangler – How can this be done?

You should replace the serpentine belt of your jeep wrangler when you find that the belt is getting noisy, damaged or glazed. It is an easy procedure that needs only a 1/2 inch drive ratchet, a breaker bar and a wrench. While purchasing a replacement serpentine belt for your jeep wrangler, you’ll have to specify if you have air conditioning and power steering. Jeep wrangler accessories come in various different levels amongst which some carry warranties where as others don’t. Make sure you purchase the best jeep accessories that are within your affordability.

Some steps to replace the serpentine belt of a jeep wrangler

Read on to know some steps you should follow to replace the serpentine belt of a jeep wrangler.

  • Open the top of your jeep – You’ll have to open the top of your jeep when you want to replace it with a serpentine belt. Place the label on the radiator support that will show the path of the belt. In case you don’t have one, make sure you obtain a copy of the path from your dealer or store before you may begin the project.
  • Cut off the negative terminal from the battery – You need to cut off the negative terminal from your jeep’s battery with the help of a wrench. You will not want your jeep’s engine to get started all of a sudden when you are working with its belt.
  • Find the belt on the front part of the engine – Make it a point to find the serpentine belt tensioner on the front part of the engine. You’ll find a square hole in the front part of the tensioner. This is the place where you’ll be able to insert a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar.
  • Put in the breaker bar into the square hole – Place the breaker bar into the square hole. After this, make it a point to release the tension on the belt. You will not have to remove the belt from the pulleys and organize it.
  • Install the new belt onto the pulleys – You will have to install the new serpentine belt onto the pulleys of your jeep. Make sure you follow the same track that is indicated on the label. Once this is done, release the tensioner and apply it to the new belt. It’s advisable that you don’t let the tensioner snap back or else it may get damaged.
  • Reinstall the negative battery terminal – You need to reinstall the negative battery terminal onto the negative post of the battery. Start your jeep’s engine and make sure to check the serpentine belt in order to confirm whether or not it has been aligned properly on the pulleys.

So, if you want to change the belt of your jeep, you should always go for a good one. Keep in mind the above-mentioned steps that will help you replace the serpentine belt of your jeep wrangler.

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