Motorbike Rescue: 1929 Antique Harley DL

The late 1920s were fascinating era in the motorbike industry. Sales were ever more aggressive for the downsizing customer base. Autos, especially the Model T and then, the Model A, were the more desirable mode of transportation for people of that era. Above loomed The Great Depression, which would have a very disastrous effect on not just the financial state generally speaking, but on the motorcycle market particularly.

As a result, the release of the 1929 HD 45 DL in 1928 (fresh models are always launched the year before) could not came at a worse time. Whats remarkable is the fact despite having the deck so stacked against it, this bike model would survive, flourish, and stay in production through the 1973 model year .

In Jerry Hatfields superb book Inside Harley Davidson, he theorizes that the Development of the Harley -Davidson 45 twin likely started out in 1926. At that time, Harleys competitor, Indian, was experiencing amazing success with its Indian Scout model, and the 45 was a solution to that success. Production started off in July of 1928. After around 4 months, many problems were cleared, and Harley would continue on to produce 6,222 that initial model year. Model Ds, model DLs (a hotter version of the D), and model DS (sidecar use) were all provided in the 1929 model year selection.

The bike were talking about is owned by Jeff Cetnar, who actually recovered it from a farmers barn in upstate New York. Seems his friend ran a road crew back in 2006 when a farmer stopped to inquire if he was considering a vintage bike. He followed the farmer home, examined the motorbike, and passed the tip on to Jeff, who went there and acquired the bike on Christmas Eve. The motorcycle was scattered in lots of portions all around the barn, after he compiled every one of them, delivered it all home. When he pieced it , it turned out to be about 90 percent complete. Great for a starting point for a restoration. Just in time, John Sells had just released a new handbook, The Restoration Guide for Your 1929-1936 45 Twin, which is the bible on restoring such types of bikes, and Jeff secured it at his side all the way.

Incredible as it may sound, Jeff reconditioned the motorbike in only 5 months, working hard nights and vacations. He was so burned out that, when completed, he closed his shop door and didnt return for a while. When he originally bought the motorcycle, it still had the last plate used on the street attached, a NY state plate dated 1948. So, 58 years later, the bike made a comeback to the street in better-than-new condition.

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