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Correct bolt-patterns is a good start

The rims are one of the most important accessories for the car if you really want to stand out in the crowd. No matter what people say, rims have a huge impact on the look of a car. Therefore, rims are a big market and every day new types of rims gets launched.

But one thing not so many thinks of when it comes to rims is that not all rims fit all cars. This is because most car makes have different bolt patterns for fitting the rims. So, what happens if you invest a large amount of money in 4 new rims and you notice that you can’t install the onto your car because of wrong bolt pattern?

Well in the best case the retailer has a return policy which means you can return the rims for only the cost of shipping. In worst case you can’t even return the rims to the retailer meaning you either must keep the rims collecting dust in a storage, sell the on the second-hand market for 50 % of the price or just give them away to some lucky guy who have a car with the correct bolt pattern. So, make no mistake, make sure you get the bolt-pattern right before you make the order for some brand new and shining rims.

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